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Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., Hemp Cannabis, Learn, Plan, Execute

Delivering world-class CRAFT premium exotic flower grow facilities, education, and opportunity for the Hemp/Cannabis industry. 

HGI Founded January 10th, 2017


For the past several years HGI has established itself as the ‘go-to’ organization for world-class education, resources and the development of CRAFT premium exotic flower grow operations.


As of May 24th. 2021 HGI has developed twenty-nine (29) closed environment grow operations in multiple states, held nine (9) sold-out educational symposiums attracting attendees from 36-states, and multiple 'in-facility' (Hands in Dirt) training events for top Master Grow “CERT G2”™ clients.


HGI’s certified facilities are hygienical environments for biologic methods and organic best practices and are designed for perpetual high-yield grow cycles, giving clients a year-round production schedule. 

Our model from day one… “Think Big, Start Small”.

HGI's Master Grow C.E.R.T.™ programs are about developing a specific premium flower grow model that begins with a CRAFT (small) ‘organic’ and hygienical operation. Once clients are established within the industry, their operation can be scaled. It’s important to minimize financial exposure and accelerate ROI over a short period of time.

Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., Think Big Start Small

Purpose and

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Hemp Geo Institute, LLC. serves a specialized segment of the Hemp and Cannabis industry with a focus on the following three fundamentals…

1. Pure Organic Integrity 

2. Holistic Cultivation

3. Whole Plant Medicinal Efficacy

To accomplish those three fundamentals, the following are critical…

1. Properly developed grow facilities

2. Superlative stable genetics

3. High-level organic cultivation skills

The result is full-spectrum, whole-plant concentrates that smell, taste, and test at the highest level of medicinal effectiveness. This innovative process maintains the True Organic Value or “Composition” of the plants’ medicinal potential without the added physical deterioration which distorts the final product. This is HGI's Passion.

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It's not about where the industry is at today,

rather where the industry is headed.

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Before ordering any facility equipment, give HGI a call for competitive price quotes.

Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., Lights, Greenhouses, Fans & Tents

Over the past several years, HGI has established several facility development vendor relationships that give clients substantial cost savings. These relationships include; Light-Dep Greenhouses, multiple LIGHTING companies, Grow Tents and High-Velocity Fans to name a few.

Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., Acceleration Model

Developing a CRAFT premium exotic flower grow facility and operation is a very different and challenging landscape. It requires developing your strategic objectives and sustainable implementation, in addition to developing economic traction.


Regardless of whether you are new to the Hemp/Cannabis Industry or want to enhance your existing operation, HGI’s Master Grow C.E.R.T. programs are designed to enhance, advance and accelerate innovation and ‘collective’ empowerment.


The HGI trainers, experts and consultants come to you with years of proven experience and can prevent CRAFT operation owners from easily falling victim to costly mistakes and imbalances that will reduce yield, quality, and revenue.


Small mistakes can cost a substantial amount of money and can be avoided with proper training, consulting and education.

“In this new industry, not having the proper education… can be very expensive”.

Meet The HGI Team

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Rick Rainbolt

President, Founder /

Facility Development Specialist

Justin Photo Crop 2_3_21.png

Justin Esquivel

Chief Genetics /

Head Master Grower

Erik Larson

Chief Scientist /

Vertical Integration Specialist

HgI Master Grow Certified Facility Plaque

Master Grow C.E.R.T.

Certification            Confirmation of Achieving High Operational Standards          

Education                Achieve a high-level knowledge base of the Industry           

Recitation                Applied Education that leads to action and duplication           

Traction                    Establishing Economic Traction for Grow Operation

A growing segment of clients are now demanding only the highest possible protocols that create the best products with the greatest range of nutritional impact and effectiveness.

Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., Facility and GrowCertification
HGI Master Grow CERT Program
HGI Master Grow CERT Plus Program
HGI Master Grow CERT G2 Program

To learn more about HGI's Master Grow CERT programs, click the logos or the "C.E.R.T." link at top of site.

*There are minimum qualification standards that need to be reached prior to being considered to join the Master Grow CERT programs.

Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., Sustainability Site

To learn more about HGI's Master Grow  C.E.R.T programs, fill out the form below.

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HGI World Training Facility,
 Charlotte, NC

HGI is in the planning phase of developing a World-Class Hemp/Cannabis training facility in Charlotte, NC. The facility can be used for dozens of programs, in addition to offering multiple-day classes for students to get hands-on experience in actual grow environments.

Master Grow CERT G

Genetics & Growing


Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., Genetics

HGI’s genetic partner is a proven and highly experienced genetics company focusing on providing predictable, uniform and high CBD/CBG offspring available only to the ‘Master Grow CERT’ community. All strains, up to seventh (7th) generation cultivars have been bred over the years to secure stable homozygous genetics with strong germination and feminization rates.

HGI’s selective homozygous genetics are grown in a completely controlled environment protected by UV-C & Hepa filtration. Stable phenotypes with high germination rates that are specifically designed for CRAFT grow operations, produce...


pure organic integrity, along with holistic cultivation, giving CERT members a rare and in-demand cultivar. All genetics have extensive 3rd party testing prior to selling to HGI’s Master Grow network.     

Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., Master Grow CERT G2
To learn more about CERT programs... CLICK HERE or the C.E.R.T. tab at top of page
Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., Be Amazed


For any inquiries, please call or email us:

704-965-8935  |  Rick@HempGeoInstitute.com

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