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We are committed to...

Bring you world class industrial & medicinal

hemp education, resources and opportunity. 

Hemp Geo Institute (HGI) began on January 10th, 2017 and has established itself as the preeminent source for the highest quality industrial and medicinal hemp education and training material in the United States. HGI has provided consultative services associated with the development of indoor/closed environment/greenhouse facilities, outdoor cultivation operations, extraction/processing operations of various techniques and methods.


HGI has coordinated eight (8) sold-out educational symposiums in multiple states to date and consulted on the development of twenty-one (21) grow operations. Thank you for joining us, and for your support.

Industrial Hemp is the biggest opportunity for the AG and Wellness industry in 50-years 

Purpose and

Profit Working


It's not about where the industry is at today,

rather where the industry is headed.

This is Our Passion.

Hemp Geo Institute serves a specialized segment of the Industrial Hemp industry with a focus on the five following categories…

1. Pure Organic Integrity 

2. Holistic Cultivation

3. Anti-Oxidation Harvesting

4. Cool Temperature Extracting

5. Whole Plant Medicinal Efficacy

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• Eight (8) sold-out symposiums in multiple states dating back to March, 2017

• Co-developed twenty-one (21) Master Grow indoor/greenhouse operations

• Dozens of small training events and phone consultations as a free service 

• Assisted in helping dozens and dozens of farmers obtain their grow permits

• Multiple vendor partner relationships established and doing business with

• Have sold thousands of plants, bio-mass and oil through HGI buyer/seller network

• Retail product line to be launched mid-summer of 2019

• New HGI training & research facility in planning phase

Hemp Geo Institute incorporates organic agricultural practices with renewable energy technologies to accelerate opportunity, maintain true organic value of the plants medicinal potential and exemplify environmental stewardship.

HGI has already established itself as the go-to-source for the highest quality of education, training and Master Grow operation development in the US.  The demand for education is enormous and vital to the success of the industry.


HGI educate farmers and growers covering topics, such as… Growing fiber, seed, oil, developing strategic objectives all the way to successful implementation and getting attendees one step closer to becoming a Master Hemp Grower.


HGI trainers, consultants and experts can prevent farmers and growers from easily falling victim to costly mistakes and imbalances that will reduce yield, quality, and consistency. Small mistakes can cost a substantial amount of money and can be avoided with proper training and education.

HGI Objective


HGI accompanies farmers and growers in developing their strategic objectives all the way to successful and sustainable implementation. The result is accelerated success, collaboration and innovation for all HGI's customers and clients.


Point of Difference


The most important fundamental to success in the Industrial Hemp industry is getting the proper education. From HGI’s experience, starting back in 2017, the biggest point of difference to one’s success will be their level of knowledge.


“In this new industry, not having the proper education… can be very expensive”.


Walk the Talk


The HGI team come to you with years of proven experience in growing hemp and running successful grow operations. HGI training and consulting include the need for understanding organic growing, strain variety selection, seed production, soil fertility, insect and disease management, weed management, light dep greenhouse production, market analysis, value added production, oil seed production, biofuel energy production and more.


Hemp Geo Institute allow organic business relationships to flourish proving a breeding ground for new growth within the industry.

HGI implements renewable and sustainable

practices to accelerate opportunity and

exemplify environmental stewardship.

Next Symposium to be announced soon!

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Just wanted to reach out and let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed the symposium and were amazed at the amount of knowledge we received.  My wife and I traveled down from northern West Virginia and it was worth every minute of the drive.  Being able to hear all the amazing speakers and be able to meet so many great folks, either in the industry or just getting started, was very beneficial.

                                                    – Chris Daugherty, West Virginia

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Master Grow C.E.R.T.

The Master Grow™ CERT programs accept a select numbers of farmers and growers who are committed to achieving the highest organic and quality standards in this emerging and profitable industry.

Master Grow CERT™ members are a unique group of Hemp growers with the advantage of teamwork, synergy and resource sharing. As of April, 2019, HGI's dedicated team of expert consultants have completed twenty-one (21) Indoor/greenhouse grow operation projects and have given out 14-Master Grow Certifications. Average time to achieve a HGI Master Grow certification is between 12-to-18-months.

The hemp cannabinoid industry is a very different and challenging landscape. It requires developing your strategic objectives all the way to successful and sustainable implementation, in addition to developing economic traction.


Regardless of whether you are new to the Hemp Industry or just want to enhance your existing product range, HGI’s Master Grow CERT programs are designed to accelerate and increase success, collaboration and innovation for the members.

The mission of the Master Grow CERT program's, is to create the perfect plan and implementation strategy to get growers UP, GOING & GROWING and to accelerate success, collaboration and innovation.

*There are minimum qualification standards that need to be reached prior to being considered to join the Master Grow CERT programs.


Certification            Confirmation of Achieving High Operational Standards


Education                Achieve a high level knowledge base of the Industry


Recitation                Applied Education that leads to action and duplication


Traction                    Establishing Economic Traction for Grow Operation

The Result

The result is whole plant concentrates that smell, taste, work and test better than anything the industry has seen. HGI highest priority is to maintain the true organic value of the plants medicinal potential, by never heating it up and never beating it up.

A growing segment of clients are now demanding only the highest possible protocols that create the best products with the greatest range of nutritional impact and effectiveness.

Master Grow Club

The long-term value of HGI’s Master Grow CERT programs is the consortium of solutions, partnerships and camaraderie among all members that enhances, advances and accelerates

your success in the industry.

HGI have awarded 14-Master Grow Certifications as of April 2019. These certifications are not easy to achieve. Each recipient of the Award paid the price with the average certification taking eighteen-months. 

Way to go and a big congratulations from everyone here at HGI !!!

To learn more about HGI's Master Grow  CERT programs, fill out the form below.

HGI World Training Facility,
 Charlotte, NC

HGI is in the planning phase of developing a World Class Industrial Hemp training facility in Charlotte, NC. The facility can be used for dozens of programs, in addition to offering multiple-day classes for students to get hands-on experience in actual growing environments as they work towards their Master Grow™ Certification.

Facility Features…

• Training Facilities

• Test Lab

• Cold Water Extraction

• Retail Hemp and Oil Store

• Hybrid Solar Powered Greenhouse

• Geo Solar Farm (Zero Energy Cost)

• Solar Training and Sales

• Rainwater Collection

• Geo Thermal Heating

• Hemp-Crete SIP’s

• Wholesale Supply Store

• Green Leaf Café

Meet The Team

Rick Rainbolt




Chief Extraction Scientist



Chief Organic Microbiolgist

Justin Esquivel

Chief Genetics /

Head Master Grower


For any inquiries, please call or email us:

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