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Rick Rainbolt

President, Founder /

Facility Development Specialist

Rick founded Hemp Geo Institute, LLC. on January 10th, 2017. Over the past several-years, HGI has established itself as the ‘go-to’ organization for world-class education, resources and the development of CRAFT premium exotic flower grow operations.


HGI’s facilities are hygienical 'organic' environments for biologic methods and organic best practices and are designed for perpetual high-yield grow cycles, giving clients a year-round production schedule. HGI’s innovative process maintains the True Organic Value or “Composition” of the Hemp/Cannabis plants’ medicinal potential without the added physical deterioration which distorts the final product. The result is full-spectrum, whole-plant concentrates that smell, taste, and test at the highest level of medicinal effectiveness.

Rick has played a role in the Legislative process in helping states become legal to grow Industrial Hemp/Cannabis in addition to consulting on the development of rules and regulation packages. Helping other states become legal to grow Hemp/Cannabis, in addition to having helped dozens of individuals navigate the permit application process, is one of Rick’s way of giving back to the industry.

On the personal side… Rick’s passion is eating real farm-fresh organic whole food nutrition along with outdoor human-powered activities (Nature's Gym); Rick calls it... Human-Powered Happiness and he believes… Nothing Tastes as Good as Healthy Feels.

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Justin Esquivel

Chief Genetics /

Head Master Grower

Justin Esquivel, president/founder Green Luster Phenos, LLC and Chief Genetics & Headmaster Grower for Hemp Geo Institute, LLC has been an influencer and leader in the cannabis industry for twelve (12) years.


Justin was the headmaster grower and lead the genetics division of a large 20,000 sq. ft indoor commercial-scale cultivation operation based out of Colorado. Justin also had his hands in the development of two more commercial size operations in 2012 in the medical cannabis sector. 


He brings standard operating procedures to a gold standard. Justin collaborates with many other expert breeding companies based out of Spain & Amsterdam allowing his genetics company the ability to bring an entirely new genome to the states! 


A genome that is one of a kind and scarce on the market. Justin specializes and with great passion, in creating superlative genetics that provides growers predictable and uniform offspring. He provides Green Luster Phenos to a highly selective group of licensed growers. His unique methodology of selective homozygous breeding and cannabis specific stratification has attracted the top thought leaders in the breeding world.


When he’s not in one of his breeding chambers or out in the field consulting, he’s at home with his lovely wife and beautiful daughter.

Erik Larson

Chief Scientist /

Vertical Integration Specialist

Erik is an entrepreneur, inventor, and product developer with a 25-year track record of bridging gaps between business developers, engineers, and production floors. In 2015, when the state of Oregon legalized recreational cannabis, Erik saw an opportunity to offer his much-needed expertise to the rapidly growing industry. Combining his experience in advanced design and engineering, he has now fully invested his skills in the rapidly evolving cannabis and hemp businesses.

Erik’s list of accomplishments in the Cannabis and Hemp industry is substantial. His focus is on providing end-to-end integrated technology solutions from harvest to wholesale. Its mission is to guarantee consistency to the customer, profitability to the farmer, and success to the network of processors. Erik developed a proprietary Aqueous Water Processing technology that never uses solvents, high heats or supercritical pressures. This first-to-market process delivers results to full-spectrum whole-plant concentrates, aqueous beverages, nutraceuticals and raw materials for the medical, edible and infusible markets.

Another expression of Erik’s creativity and talent is his love for music. He currently plays lead guitar in the Space Funk band LIQUID located in Ashland, Oregon. He is the co-inventor of the CymaScope, an instrument for making sound visible. Other studies and applications used in his design and business endeavors are Phiometry, BioGeometry, BioMimicry and Vortex Based Mathematics.

Erik has spoken at five (5) privious HGI symposiums and is a sought-after educator, speaker and consultant in the hemp/cannabis industry. 

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