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Perfect Facility

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Canna Cobra sealed indoor micro facilities to craft commercial
grow operations.

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HGI Master Grow Certified Facility Plaque
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A new generation of premium exotic flower, ‘Seed-2-Cure’ indoor sealed facilities. Continuous production, equipped with top vetted equipment and methods that create a completely controlled micro-environment from seed to final curing. Giving you precise temperature, humidity, VPD and air diffusion to produce the perfect grow environment for growing premium exotic flower.


Canna Cobra’s design, materials, and building methods create an hygienical environment to protect from pollen, fungal pathogens and maximize premium flower yield.

Perfect Facility, Perfect Genetics, Perfect Cultivation = Premium Exotic Flower

• Indoor Sealed - 'Seed-2-Cure' System

• Precise Workflow and Efficiency

• Precision Controlled Environment

• Ten to Eleven Harvests Per Year

• Perfected Turnkey Solution

Canna Cobra, LLC. is an affiliated company of Hemp Geo Institute, LLC.
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Premium Exotic Flower Facility...

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For any inquiries, please call or email us:

704-965-8935  |

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