Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., Master Grow CERT Plus Program
Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., Master Grow CERT Program
Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., Master Grow CERT G2 Program

C.E.R.T. Program Summaries

Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., Learn, Plan, Execte

Certification            Confirmation of Achieving High Operational Standards          

Education                Achieve a high-level knowledge base of the Industry           

Recitation                Applied Education that leads to action and duplication           

Traction                   Establishing Economic Traction for Grow Operation

The mission of the Master Grow CERT programs is to create the perfect plan and implementation strategy to develop HGI certified facilities that are hygienical environments designed for biologic methods and best practices for organic grow operations. CERT facilities are designed for growing premium exotic flower and perpetual high-yield grow cycles, giving clients a year-round production schedule. 

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CERT programs focus on the following three fundamentals…

1. Pure Organic Integrity 

2. Holistic Cultivation

3. Whole Plant Medicinal Efficacy

To accomplish those three fundamentals, the following are critical…

1. Properly developed grow facilities

2. Superlative stable phenotype genetics

3. High-level organic cultivation skills

The result is full-spectrum, whole-plant concentrates that smell, taste, and

test at the highest level of medicinal effectiveness. This innovative process maintains the True Organic Value or “Composition” of the plants’ medicinal

potential without the added physical deterioration which distorts the final



CERT programs are designed to achieve high-standard results for CRAFT grow operations.

• Committed to “True Organic” Hemp/Cannabis Farming (No Exceptions)

• Have or will be applying for Hemp/Cannabis License/Permit 

• Committed to Hygienical and Sustainable Growing Environments

• Committed to best-practices and scientific documentation

• Consistently growing high-quality cultivars year after year

• Continuous ‘grow’ education and training from seed to harvest

• Professional sales distribution development and transactions

Master Grow “CERT

Industry Options, Planning and Positioning

• Client Discovery Questionnaire

• Defining Scope of Operations

• Best Practices for Indoor and Greenhouse Cannabinoid Growing

• Facility Assessment (Indoor/Greenhouse)

• Estimated ‘high-level’ cost of development (Indoor/Greenhouse/Outdoor)                           * The Master Grow “CERT+” package (Facility/Operational Development)

                                       is where the specific ‘cost’, planning and details are determined.

•  General outline of grow operation development phases  


    Additional Deliverables:


         • Educational Access (Newsletters, Reviews and Publications)

         • Special programs ONLY for Master Grow members throughout the year

         • Supportive and re-enforcement documents

         • Receive discounts on HGI’s educational courses and/or events

Note: 100% of fee applies to the next level program

To receive a detailed outline of the CERT programs, fill out the inquire below.

Master Grow “CERT+"

Facility and Operational Development


HGI CERT PLUS is a comprehensive program focused on operational facility planning and execution. CERT PLUS takes and data and planning form the CERT program and turns the vision into reality.


          Facility and Operational Solutions:


                - Detailed floorplans for Indoor/Greenhouse operation  

                - Detailed lighting design grid for each grow area

                - Detailed lighting design grid for greenhouse


                                 and several more vital solutions!

HGI’s certified facilities are hygienical environments

for biologic methods and organic best practices. CERT

facilities are designed for perpetual high-yield grow cycles,

giving clients a year-round production schedule.

Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., Facility Design

Note: 100% of fee applies to the next level program

To receive a detailed outline of the CERT programs, fill out the inquire below.

Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., CERT G2 Program

Master Grow “CERT G "

Genetics & Growing




Access to HGI Genetics

                * Only available to CERT G2 members 

HGI’s genetic partner is a proven and highly experienced genetics company focusing on providing predictable, uniform and high CBD/CBG offspring available only to the ‘Master Grow CERT’ community. All strains, up to seventh (7th) generation cultivars have been bred over the years to secure stable homozygous genetics with strong germination and feminization rates.

HGI’s selective homozygous genetics are grown in a completely controlled environment protected by UV-C & Hepa filtration. Stable phenotypes with high germination rates that are specifically designed for CRAFT grow operations, produce...


pure organic integrity, along with holistic cultivation, giving CERT members a rare and in-demand cultivar. All genetics have extensive 3rd party testing prior to selling to HGI’s Master Grow network.     

Grow Consulting


+ Hands-In-Dirt Grow Training & Consulting

        – Full-day of grow training Held in NC

                   *Private Event for Master Grow CERT G2 Members:


                Consulting and Training Categories:


              • Selecting the right genetics for your specific environment

                 • Genetic germination protocols

                 • Organic medium formulas, beneficial bacteria and application

                                 and several more vital solutions!


CERT G2 Qualification:


HGI requires the craft grower to have properly developed grow facilities prior to engaging in the CERT G2 program.


Growers can have the best genetics in the world and a high level of GROW knowledge but without the properly developed grow facilities, their outcome will be less than desirable.

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Rick’s Commitment to YOU


Hemp Geo Institute aspires to help CRAFT grow operations to be successful in this amazing industry. We work hard to lead our clients through the LEARN – PLAN – EXECUTE process to substantially increase ROI and develop a successful Hemp/Cannabis operation for years to come.


To receive a detailed outline of the CERT programs, fill out the inquire below.

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