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Hi, this is Rick Rainbolt. We invite you to attend the Farming Hemp for Profit - The Art & Science of Greenhouse & Indoor Growing, "NORTH CAROLINA EVENT" on November 17th, 2018.

Industrial Hemp is now legal in 41 states and all of you are in a position to leverage this exciting opportunity. We'll be covering A-Z topics in three specific training modules. Greenhouse and Indoor Growing, CBD Oil Extracting & Selling and the Economics of Growing Cannabinoid Hemp.

After seven (7) sold-out symposiums, the most recent on August 25th, 2018 in Oklahoma, HGI is bringing its entire All-Star team back to North Carolina for symposium number eight (8)! We're on a mission to help landowners, growers, and farmers add a newly viable, profitable income stream while creating American jobs.

The most important fundamental to your success in the Industrial Hemp industry is getting the proper education. From our experience, starting back in 2017 here in North Carolina, the biggest point of difference to your success will be your level of knowledge.

“In this new industry, not having the proper education… can be very expensive”.

Walk the Talk

Our team of expert speakers and consultants have successfully consulted on developing fourteen (14) Indoor/greenhouse grow facilities for clients that are growing Hemp. Our Mastery Grow Coaching team, partners with farmers and growers in the development of grow room facilities, greenhouses and outdoor Cannabinoid operations.

Our expert speakers and coaches come to you with years proven experience in growing hemp and running successful grow operations. For those who have an interest in being involved in this industry, this event is for you.

We look forward to seeing you on November 17th, 2018.



Rick Rainbolt,

President, Hemp Geo Institute


PS: Our seven (7) previous symposiums have all sold-out quickly and I expect the same with your NORTH CAROLINA event. The event venue can only accommodate 140 attendees, so get your tickets asap.

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We have taken the Best-of-the-Best from our seven (7) most popular events, updated vital information and bring it to you on

November 17th in North Carolina!


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Hemp Geo Institute - Best of the Best
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Growing for Fiber Title.png

HGI will include in your workbook given out at the symposium, the data and information for growing Industrial Hemp for fiber. The information will include… seeds, soil & water, planting, pounds per acre of seeds, maintenance, harvesting, drying and storage.

You will learn from our

Master Growers’

SUCCESS is accomplished by providing students and clients with the most current and best practice information the industry has to offer. The NORTH CAROLINA symposium features industry leaders from around the nation teaching how to successfully grow cannabinoid hemp for the highest yield possible.

The Farming Hemp for Profit symposium will help farmers, growers and entrepreneurs, from analyzing start-up costs and return on investment to finding a grow methodology that works for you. You will be one step closer to becoming a Master Hemp Grower.

Hemp Geo Institute symposiums allow organic business relationships to flourish proving a breeding ground for new growth within the industry. These events also give industry vendors the opportunity to plug into this powerful network to sell and market their products.

VA Event Grid.png
Hemp Geo Institute incorporates organic agricultural practices with renewable energy technologies to accelerate opportunity, maintain true organic value of the plants medicinal potential and exemplify environmental stewardship.

Training Sessions #1.

VA Event Pod Outline BROWN.png
Learn the seven (7) phases of building an indoor facility and 'Perpetual Revenue' Models, from cultivation to harvest --
from processing to distribution.


The Art and Science of GREENHOUSE/INDOOR growing module is designed for those who are completely committed to achieving the very highest standards in this emerging and profitable industry. Committed to developing world class venues that are hygienically built to produce the finest possible cannabinoid Hemp plants.

The Growers who will WIN big in the indoor sector, are the ones who simply commit to nothing less than excellence!

Rick Rainbolt
Seven Phases of Growing Hemp Indoor
GI Speaker Bios _ Advanced Tickets.png

With 10-years of indoor master grow experience, Lorenzo leads Southern Hempisphere hemp company that has one of the most talented and diverse group of experts in the industry. Lorenzo and his team has built a 6,000 square-foot indoor facility, that’s producing some of the most in-demand organic cannabinoid flowers in the business.


Designing an indoor efficient facility to grow cannabinoid industrial hemp must have a well thought-out plan. Without a specific plan the cost of the project will escalate far above the budget, in addition to the consideration all the requirements outlined in the regulations prepared by the governing body and the regulations of the municipality where the facility(s) will be constructed.


In addition, the plan needs to cover…

Location assessment, Enclosed warehouse building or greenhouse, Size of facility, Number of rooms for veg, flowering, clones, mother plants, etc., HVAC or other heating and cooling methods (Earth Batteries), Need for odor control, Ventilation, Evaporative Pad Systems, Chilled water systems, Humidification - Dehumidification systems, Growing method (pots on the ground or on benches, troughs, flood trays, etc), CO2  dosing, Irrigation requirements fertilizer tea recipes, the need for RO water purification, Lighting (HPS, MH, LED, florescent, induction, etc. ), Supplemental lighting in a greenhouse, Shade and blackout system for photoperiod for greenhouse growers, Computer controls, Maximizing use of available space, Moving rack system, Site security, testing labs, storage, packaging, shipping etc.

Hemp Geo Institute is proud to have Lorenzo share his knowledge with all of you at the November 17th symposium.

Lighting Image.jpg

The Lighting Code

One of the Most Important Capital Investments

You will learn critical information to one of your most important and costly aspects to Indoor Medicinal Hemp growing… Lighting. HGI utilizes testing procedures to determine efficacy of different lighting fixtures for multiple growing environments. Hemp Geo Institute will not make lighting recommendations to clients without the proper data. One bad mistake in lighting decisions can cost grower’s thousands of dollars.

Light Dep Greenhouse title.png

HGI is excited to have Fullbloom Light Dep Greenhouses specialist, Damond Martin teach at the November 17th event, about what they have learned in growing cannabinoid hemp and cannabis in blackout greenhouses. With their years of experience in the hemp and cannabis sector, their greenhouses operate effectively in extreme climates engineered for all 50 States and Canada.


Many growers are switching to auto light-dep greenhouse growing systems and Damond will cover the fundamentals and why it's a growing trend when growing cannabinoid hemp. By utilizing blackout greenhouse systems, growers are able to automate and control their growing environment for successful multiple harvest per year.


With light deprivation and automated environmental controls, growers can yield outdoor sized production with indoor quality product, all while reducing overhead costs and power consumption. Growers need to understand the effect on their Geo location when growing in humid climates, however dry desert climates have their own challenges.


Any area where a greenhouse is located comes with its own special climate challenges to overcome.To overcome these challenges takes research, planning, and with the complete understanding of the type of strains you are growing.


With the correct covering and ventilation techniques, you can create a greenhouse that adjusts to the ideal temperature, diffuses light, and eliminates condensation. This type of growing system allows the 'best-practice' strategies to be employed to better control mold and pathogens caused by excess humidity, in addition to any environment you are exposed to.


With careful research, thorough planning, and the right equipment, you can have a flourishing light deprivation greenhouse even in the hottest, most humid, or driest climates!

Tiffany Fess - Organic Feeding

Tiffany is one of the smartest and most popular event leaders. Tiffany has spoken at several symposiums and has personally growing and harvested several acres of cannabinoid hemp this year. Tiffany will be covering Organic Feeding, Composting & Microbiology.

Seven Phases of Growing Hemp Indoors

Growing consistent world-class hemp requires both Art and Science. This approach includes an understanding of environmental controls, pest management, nutrient uptake, lighting, soil health, and watering systems and so much more.

Hemp Geo Institute trainers and experts can prevent you from easily falling victim to costly mistakes and imbalances that will reduce your yield, quality and consistency. Small mistakes can cost you a substantial amount of money and can be avoided with proper training.

Training Sessions #2.

VA Event Pod Outline BLUE.png
Learn how the discovery of cannabinoids has ear marked one of the most fascinating health discoveries in scientific medicine.

You will leave with a better understanding of what cannabinoids are, the various forms or methods of ingestion, and how it can help you achieve your Health & Wellness goals quicker and safer than more traditional methods.

You will learn what cannabinoids are and how they are linked to the human body. This session will teach you how to safely use cannabinoid hemp oil, the benefits and side effects of using , and the opportunity products may offer to those who are looking for healthy alternatives.

Many individuals have used this amazing plant for a variety of ailments, saying they have experienced significant relief. Countless adults and children all over the world are learning about how the body has a system designed just for cannabinoids.

Learn the Pros and Cons of various high-tech extraction methods, including new extraction technology coming for 2018.

This session will discuss how cannabinoids are extracted from hemp, the different methods of extraction and the cost and pricing of extraction equipment. The process of extraction draws the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids out of the plant material and into concentrated hemp oil.

You will hear from Erik Larson on various methods of extracting cannabinoids that can be done once you have harvested your crop. This will be Erik’s fifth (5th) symposium appearance and is one of our most popular presenters. He’s simply AWESOME!

Erik Larson, The Businss of Hemp Extraction

New Extraction Technology for 2018

You will learn about some of the latest extraction Technologies that are designed to maintain the “ORGANIC VALUE” and at the same time are scalable, efficient, clean and add maximum value to high Cannabinoid Hemp crops.

The Result

The result is whole plant concentrates that smell, taste, work and test better than anything the industry has seen. The first process to maintain the true organic value of the plants medicinal potential, is never heating it up and never beating it up.


There is a strong trend that clients are demanding only the highest possible protocols that create the best products with the greatest range of nutritional impact and effectiveness. Hemp Geo Institute will help you find which extraction method is most suitable to your needs whether you are developing a product line or safely extracting for yourself.

GI Come to FHP Nov 17.png
Michael L Topic Image.png

Michael LaBelle (The Dirt Nerd) grew up on a family farm in Mississippi, and is the founder and CEO of MightyGrow Organics. Michael handles all R&D and new product formulation, and provides consultation for organic farmers growing vegetables, row crops, herbs, hemp and cannabis. His passion is maximizing plant performance through complete soil mineralization.

Michael takes a scientific approach to soil balancing, amending "by the numbers." He demystifies soil test interpretation using memorable analogies and a simple checklist based on the research of Michael Astera, author of "The Ideal Soil Handbook 2.0." The goal is ensure that a crop has everything needed to meet its maximum genetic potential, which translates to maximum profit.

Training Sessions #3.

VA Event Pod Outline GREEN.png
Learn the economics of growing cannabinoid hemp in three main categories… Hemp for Fiber – Hemp for Seeds – Hemp for CBD.

You will be given the macro and microeconomics to… HOW MUCH CAN YOU EARN PER ACRE AT YOUR OWN FARM or INDOOR growing facility. Breaking it down to how many milligrams of refined cannabinoid hemp oil you can expect, how to calculate and the going retail and wholesale rates.



There are a lot of reasons why one has the passion for being involved in the Hemp movement; One big reason is the Economics. It’s one of the most common questions asked… How Much Money Can I Make?

We will give you an Hemp Economic Blueprint, broken into three Economic divisions…

1. Industrial Hemp

2. Hemp for Seeds

3. Medicinal Hemp Oil

Learn the economics on all phases including infrastructure costs on indoor Industrial Hemp Cannabinoid growing. How much you can expect to invest to develop your growing operation. As an example; You will learn the different price points and quality scales for indoor grow lights. Even in a small 800 SQFT facility, pricing can fluctuate by several thousand dollars.

Market Potential

Finally, we wanted to present the overall market potential. In the "State of Hemp 2018" market report, the Hemp Business Journal estimated that the total retail value of all hemp products sold in the U.S. in 2016 hit at least $688 million. As per their estimates, the entire U.S. hemp industry could grow to $1.8 billion in sales by 2020, largely driven by hemp foods, body care and Medicinal-based products.

“The data demonstrates clearly that despite hemp remaining heavily restricted throughout the U.S., the industry is still growing quickly at twenty-two percent (22%) with hemp CBD products showing a 63 percent AGR in 2016”. Sean Murphy, founder and publisher of the Hemp Business Journal, said during a recent conversation.

CBD Sector Hottest Hemp Category
GI Event Come To.png

At Hemp Geo Institute, we have worked endlessly to bring you the best possible speakers, trainers and coaches. We feel this North Carolina Event… Farming Hemp for Profit, Art and Science of Greenhouse and Indoor Growing has the strongest line-up of speakers to date and will be our biggest and best HGI event, on November 17th, 2018 in Greensboro, NC.





1. Introduction to Hempcrete.

2. Which part of the hemp plant is used for making Hempcrete? 

3. What goes into creating Hempcrete? 

4. Reasons to use Hempcrete in buildings.

5. More specific detail of the general construction specifications.

6. Current construction methods.

7. Create multiple income streams for farmers

Presented by...

Mark D Photo.png
Ronnie Photo.png

Mark Disharoon & Ron Possanza

Founders of Green Roots Revolution - Virginia Beach, VA

At the end of the day, ALL of the Speakers will come on stage and have an open Q&A session. We encourage questions throughout the day, however because we have to keep the event on track, questions are limited.

Any unanswered question(s) you have, write them down so they get answered at our Speaker, Consultant Q&A session.

GI Takes Place in Greensboro.png


NOTE: When you click the GREEN ticket bar, you will be taken to the ticket

order page. Your PROMOTIONAL CODE will automatically be added when you

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A Greater Cause…

The mission is to help landowners and farmers add a new viable and profitable income stream by maximizing their per-acre crop revenue and to create American jobs.


The vision of Hemp Geo Institute is to make a difference, so America once again becomes one of the largest hemp producers in the world.


The Hemp Geo Institute is committed to achieving the very highest standards in this emerging and profitable industry. Our dedicated team of experts will help guide each attendee through the process of being successful in the Industrial and Medicinal Hemp industry.

Those who will WIN big in the industry are the ones who simply commit to nothing less than excellence and work together as a team. The Hemp Geo Institute is proud to bring to you the top experts who have Walked-the-Talk with a successful track-record in this industry.

Hemp Buying and Selling Network

Establishing key relationships and securing agreements to sell your fiber, seeds, clones, flowers and oils is as important as anything else. The KEY fundamental is getting engaged at the very beginning of this modern Industrial Hemp movement.

So, whether you are a grower, or partner with a vested interest, Mastery Grow Coaching team members have a unique mutual passion and equal opportunity that allows a safe meeting ground for independent motivated individuals to make a local difference.

Remember, this is just the beginning, Hemp has room to grow in every industry and it is us, together that can establish healthy roots in regenerative practices.

GI Event Sold Events.png

Meet Your Instructors




Aqueous Technologies, Inc

Tiffany Fess


Green Thumb Health Co




Master Grower / Co-Founder

Southern Hempisphere / Keep it Hemple

Rick Rainbolt


Hemp Geo Institute

Meet Tiffany Fess

Tiffany Fess is currently a PhD candidate at West Virginia University in Agricultural Sciences with a focus on determining nutritional and genetic differences between crops produced using organic and mineral N fertilization. She’s passionate about breeding crops for organic systems and works closely with the Student Organic Seed Symposium (SOSS), acting as a planning committee member for the 2015 meeting in Madison, WI.

Additionally, she’s a founding and sitting Board of Directors member for the newly created Society of Organic Seed Professionals (SOSP). In 2017, she and her business partners started the Green Thumb Health Co, an industrial hemp growing operation in Morgantown, WV.

Tiffany has been an advocate and contributor at all of the Hemp Geo Institute events and the industry as a whole. HGI is proud to now have Tiffany as an instructor and the entire Industrial and Medicinal Hemp Industry will greatly benefit!

Meet Erik Larson

Erik is an entrepreneur, inventor, and product developer with a 25-year track record of bridging gaps between business developers, engineers, and production floors. In 2015, when the state of Oregon legalized recreational cannabis, Erik saw an opportunity to offer his much needed expertise to the rapidly growing industry. Combining his experience in advanced design and engineering, he has now fully invested his skills in the rapidly evolving cannabis and hemp businesses.

Erik’s list of accomplishments in the Cannabis and Hemp industry is substantial. He has co-founded a hemp processing technology company called Aqueous Technology, LLC located in Grants Pass, Oregon. Aqueous Technology's focus is providing end-to-end integrated technology solutions from harvest to wholesale. Its mission is to guarantee consistency to the customer, profitability to the farmer, and success to the network of processors. Erik and his co-founders have developed a proprietary Aqueous Water Processing technology that never uses solvents, high heats or super critical pressures. This first-to-market process delivers results to full spectrum whole-plant concentrates, aqueous beverages, nutraceuticals and raw materials for the medical, edible and infusible markets.

Another expression of Erik’s creativity and talent is his love for music. He currently plays lead guitar in the Space Funk band LIQUID located in Ashland, Oregon. He is the co-inventor of the CymaScope, an instrument for making sound visible. Other studies and applications used in his design and business endeavors are Phiometry, BioGeometry, BioMimicry and Vortex Based Mathematics. He is proficient in using SolidWorks, SolidWorks Flow Simulation, 3D printing, database and enterprise software tools, and of course, nature…

Erik is a sought-after educator, speaker and consultant in the cannabis and industrial hemp industry and Hemp Geo Institute is excited to have Erik speak at HGI's symposiums!

Meet Lorenzo McNulty

Lorenzo McNulty is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and multi-passionate entrepreneur who loves growing people, plants and profit margins. This is exactly what Lorenzo is doing with Southern Hempisphere that was founded in the inaugural year of the North Carolina Industrial Hemp pilot program. An unlikely group meeting under unlikely circumstances with an unlikely, yet shared set of goals.


Southern Hempisphere mission is to educate about the multitude of benefits of the cannabinoid hemp plant and its byproducts, to cultivate the highest quality of clones and oils, and to drive the innovation of indoor farming in the new age. They have forged a sustainable and reliable link between quality agriculture and retail sales of Cannabidiol (CBD) products through its retail chain known as Keep It Hemple™.


Rising to meet the growing need for higher quality CBD products and supplements that are made right here in North Carolina, Keep It Hemple™ has become the go-to retailer of clean, quality CBD capsules, oils, and vape products. Keep It Hemple’s mission is as simple as its guiding philosophy - Your body is a temple. Keep it Hemple.

Meet Rick Rainbolt

Rick is currently the Founder/President of Hemp Geo Institute with a focus on an innovative process that maintains the True Organic Value or “Composition” of the hemp plants’ medicinal potential without the added physical deterioration which distorts the final product. The result is full-spectrum, whole plant concentrates that smell, taste, test and work better than anything the industry has seen before. Rick calls this process… Organic Integrity through Eco-Geo Sustainable Efficacy.

Rick and his team teach hemp growing and extracting protocols through HGI's symposiums and coaching programs. To date, there have been seven (7) sold-out symposiums attracting attendees from 36-states and the coaching division has consulted on developing fourteen (14) indoor/greenhouse grow facilities that are in full operational growing mode.

Rick has played a role in the Legislative process in helping states become legal to grow Industrial Hemp in addition to consulting on developing the rules packages. Helping other states become legal to grow Industrial Hemp, in addition to having helped dozens of individuals navigate permit application process, is one of Rick’s way of giving back to the Hemp community.

On the personal side of life, Ricky’s DNA is founded in his love for his amazing wife (Robin) of fourteen (14) years. One of their passions, real farm-fresh organic whole food nutrition along with outdoor human-powered activities; is the key to being healthy and happy. They call it… Human-Powered Happiness!


HGI team of expert speakers and consultants have successfully consulted on developing fourteen (14) Indoor/greenhouse grow facilities for clients that are growing, full-spectrum Cannabinoid-rich Medicinal Hemp. Our Mastery Grow Coaching program partners with growers in the development of grow room facilities, greenhouses and outdoor Cannabinoid operations.

There are minimum qualification standards that need to be reached prior to being considered to joining the Mastery Grow Coaching program. One of the most important standards to qualifying is being completely committed to using organic and sustainable practices in this emerging industry.

Their dedicated team of experts help guide the Mastery Grow Coaching members from cultivation to harvest and from processing to distribution. Mastery Grow Coaching members are a unique group of Medicinal Hemp growers with the advantage of teamwork, synergy and resource sharing.

Simply Put… Our mission is to get you…

Hemp Geo Consulting


NOTE: When you click the GREEN ticket bar, you will be taken to the ticket

order page. Your PROMOTIONAL CODE will automatically be added when you

click the GREEN "GET TICKETS" bar.

Any questions call or text...

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Disclaimer: Hemp Geo Institute does not give legal advice. The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images, events, and other material contained on this website or at our events are for informational and educational purposes only. The purpose of these events is to promote broader professional understanding and knowledge of the many ways farmers and landowners can plant and grow industrial hemp and its potential uses in the consumer markets. Please consult with appropriate legal counsel, Departments of Agriculture, and your hemp associations on the regulations and legality of farming hemp in your state.

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