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Hemp Geo Institute’s Eight (8th) Educational Symposium to be held in Greensboro, North Carolina

Greetings! Rick Rainbolt here.

November 17, 2018 Symposium - North Carolina

Over the past several days, I’ve occasionally been asked the question, “I attended one of your events in the past, will I learn anything new?” My answer… ABSOLUTELY.

As many of you are aware, this emerging industry is moving at a blistering pace. Keeping up with the latest data is vital to your operation’s success.

Leading off our symposium is Preston Gardner, HGI’s Chief Economist. He will be covering, among other topics, Post-Harvest 2018 economics and the Importance of Establishing Distribution Networks. He will be presenting the industry’s first look at the results from the nation’s largest harvest since hemp Prohibition gripped our country so many years ago.

Preston will be sharing best practices when constructing contractual relationships for farmgate and Purchase-in-Kind agreements.

He will discuss the future of hemp contract structuring, which utilizes pricing and yield schedules based off hemp futures data, spot rates, and a precedent transactions analysis of data spanning the United States and Canada. Throughout Saturday November 17th, we’ll be sharing the distribution networks that HGI has established and connected with over the past two-years, as well as the wholesale and retail participants coming aboard for 2019.

Unfortunately, over 50% of farmgate purchase agreements defaulted this Harvest 2018 due to improper articulation of pricing schedules, and incomplete or inadequate terms and conditions to protect cultivators. It’s essential that growers properly secure their distribution networks to finance future harvests and expansion initiatives.

Erik Larson will be covering the latest news on the cannabidiol (CBD) extract purification sector of the industry. He will present the growing trend of establishing boutique extraction facilities, the rising cost of extraction and chromatography isolation equipment, including new tech for 2019 that commercial biomass extraction operations will employ.

Tiffany Fess has spoken at several symposiums and one of HGI’s most popular speakers. The big difference this time, she has just finished harvesting her first 12-acres of growing cannabinoid hemp. Her grow was one of the best I’ve seen in this region.

She will be sharing with everyone how she grew such a beautiful hemp crop including the pitfalls to look for. She will also cover how to manage your grow in humid climates to better manage mold issues. A big issue in this region of the country.

These are just a few examples of the latest material we will be covering during our 8th Educational Symposium to be held in Greensboro, North Carolina on November 17th. In addition to the new material, we will also be reviewing for new attendees the fundamentals of our platform, Phase 1: Up, Going, and Growing.


Greenhouse/Indoor operations have been a growing trend (pun intended) when cultivating for flower. However, they are typically the most capital-intensive projects to establish. As Team HGI will demonstrate, short-term profitability is achievable when established in conjunction with a Perpetual Revenue Model, which Rick and the Team will be discussing during Phase 1.

For those of you new to the HGI family, these educational symposiums are designed to help new and experienced indoor and greenhouse operations, as well as outdoor fiber operations, realize peak profit potential by leveraging industry-specific data and analytics.

New Speakers, Fresh Perspectives

In addition to our Hemp Geo Institute Consulting Team, we are pleased to introduce you to Damond Martin, from Full Bloom Greenhouses, headquartered in Oregon. He will be teaching us the fundamentals of light-deprivation greenhouse growing techniques and the equipment utilized by profitable operations.

We also have Lorenzo McNulty, HGI Master Grower and co-founder of a 6,000 sq. ft. indoor grow facility in North Carolina. He will teach the A-Z fundamentals of indoor growing from the entrepreneur’s perspective, sharing the pitfalls to avoid and how to efficiently grow for maximum yield.

We look forward to you joining us November 17th, 2018 for our final educational symposium of 2018, Farming Hemp for Profit: The Art & Science of Greenhouse and Indoor Growing.

To reserve your seat(s) quickly. We believe this will be a completely sold-out event, so secure your registration soon.

As this newsletter goes to press, only half of the seats are remaining. Our previous educational symposium, held in Oklahoma City, was another sold-out event which exemplified our mission: Always Improve, Always Advocate.

From my family to yours, I look forward to meeting you in November!

Reserve your registration and to learn more about the event, go to…


PS: We are grateful if you help by letting your friends and family know about this event.


Any questions or help text or call:

Thank you,

Rick Rainbolt


Hemp Geo Institute

Call/Text: 704-965-8935


PS: A little motivation… LEADERSHIP

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