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For the past several years Rick has been speaking and training at multiple events, including his own HGI promoted symposiums. Rick brings to your audience multiple years of hands-on experience from the development of thirty-five (35) indoor sealed environment grow operations in multiple states.


Rick serves a specialized segment of the Cannabis/Hemp industry that’s focused on the development of CRAFT premium exotic flower grow operations.


The core of his program is founded on the following three (3) fundamentals;

1. Pure organic integrity

2. Holistic cultivation

3. Whole plant medicinal efficacy.


To accomplish those three (3) fundamentals, growers must have the following;


1. Perfect Facility

2. Perfect Genetics

3. Perfect Cultivation

The following is a general outline of Rick's training events that can be covered in 45-minutes to one-hour and thirty minutes. 

Event Topic

How to Develop a World-Class Premium Exotic Flower Operation

Hemp - Cannabis Grow Operations
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Industry Fundamentals

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How to Select Perfect Genetics

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Pre-Development Protocol

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How to Achieve Perfect Cultification

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How to Build a Perfect Facility

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Q&Q Session

Note: Subject categories can be customized to your specific event.

Q&A Session

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About Your


Rick Rainbolt

Hemp Geo Institute, LLC.


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Speaking Inquiry

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Disclaimer: Hemp Geo Institute, LLC. does not give legal advice. The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images, events, and other material contained on this website or at our events are for informational and educational purposes only. The purpose of these events is to promote broader professional understanding and knowledge of the many ways farmers, craft growers and landowners can plant and grow legal hemp/cannabis and its potential uses in the consumer markets. Please consult with appropriate legal counsel, Departments of Agriculture, and associations on the regulations and legality of growing hemp/cannabis in your state.

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